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Hypnotherapy ForInsomnia and Sleep Hypnosis

Summary-With Hypnotherapy you can find solution for many physical and psychological problems. Let’s have a closer look at use of hypnosis for insomnia.

Hypnotherapy is being used extensively to cure chronic insomnia when compared to earlier days. Hypnosis is used as pain reliever since generations. In addition with hypnosis for insomnia,this therapy is useful to treat and rehabilitate alcoholics and drug addicts. This therapy is effective in treating behaviour issues, stubborn habits like smoking and insomnia. This therapy is helpful in modifying your regular habits that lead to chronic insomnia.

Why to adapt hypnotherapy to treat insomnia?

Insomnia sometimes is the result of some regular habits. Some learned behaviours, poor sleep hygiene and bad bed time habits may worsen the situation. Some may believe that behaviours that lead to temporary insomnia may lead to chronic insomnia. Hypnosis for insomnia is helpful to reduce the behaviour disorders and treat chronic sleep disorders by modifying the brain functioning that effects your behaviour and beliefs.

How hypnotherapy works?

Hypnosis for insomnia works only when you make up your mind to change your habits and behaviour and develop willingness to take the treatment. This therapy is a combination of relaxation, trance state and self suggestions. You can make your mind and body quiet when you relax and you enter into a hypnotic state, sometimes you may feel sleepy and sometimes drowsy. At this state your mind makes up to get some messages to change your behaviour and habits. Here the right set of instructions and messages work to overcome insomnia.

Hypnosis is different from meditation. Meditation is a way of relaxation that does not intend to modify behaviour or habits. This does not have any medical benefits like hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

What is more useful- self – hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

You have to talk to your doctor about the above question. You can consider alternate therapies other than medication to cure insomnia. Some may think about self hypnotic techniques to modify their behavior and overcome insomnia. Hypnosis is significantly effective to cure insomnia.

Some of the alternative therapies other than hypnosis are cognitive behaviour therapy or CBT. This therapy does not involve any medication and includes some hypnotic techniques. You can overcome symptoms of insomnia with the help of CBT. You can learn self hypnotic techniques to overcome symptoms of insomnia.

Tips to get into deep sleep

Self hypnosis helps you to overcome insomnia. Insomnia causes over weight, long term ailments, lowers sexual desires and reduces your beautiful and youthful look. To overcome the sleep disorders, you have to motivate yourself and change yourself by some of the following tips.

  • Turn off the TV 2 hours before going to bed
  • You have to make up your mind and set a goal to get into deep sleep every night
  • Prepare a to-do list for the next day to overcome stress regarding the next day activities as the stress causes sleep disorders and insomnia

One of the self-hypnosis techniques is before going to bed, have a deep breath and meditate for some time to get a deep and relaxed sleep. Some of the therapists suggest SOHAM meditation for deep sleep.

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