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Why Littmann Stethoscope is The Ultimate Choice of Medical Professionals?

There is absolutely no debate over the fact that the littmann line of stethoscopes are the most trusted instrument of auscultation by medical professionals across the world. Naturally, there are reasons for such strong brand loyalty and this has everything to do with precision and quality delivered by the product. In fact, healthcare practitioners find every piece of littmann stethoscope to be delivering innovative features and blending together advanced materials and engineering finesses. Similarly, these stethoscopes are known for clarity of sounds and operational ease to add value to medical diagnostic procedures.

Here are some of reasons that make littmann stethoscopes the ultimate choice of medical professionals –

A high level of consistent quality

The littmann instruments are known for delivering a high level of consistent quality which other brands fail to match. The products are resulted from precision in engineering and ensure results that are scientifically accurate.

Built to strict process

It’s the high level of performance on a consistent basis that makes littmann stethoscopes the domain leader for years. They are built to strict processes and quality controls – two factors responsible for superior consistency all through.

High acoustic sensitivity

The high acoustic sensitivity delivered by these stethoscopes is perhaps a leading reason behind the trust enjoyed by medical professionals. This is also the reason why these devices ensure quality when medical professionals do either general physical assessment or complete diagnostic auscultation.

Tunable diaphragms

The littmann products come with tunable diaphragms which can help doctors hear different frequency sounds with ease. The tunable diaphragms also saves the inconvenience of repositioning the chestpiece and get adjusted to the type of sounds to listen.

Excellent acoustic seal

Doctors using littmann stethoscopes for hours don’t feel any pain or discomfort as the device comes with an excellence acoustic seal. Its soft-sealing eartips ensure that long usages is not painful and health care professionals can get the best out for hours on end.

Adjustable headset

It’s possible for individuals to get adjustable headset with littmann devices and get the desired level of fit and comfort. So, getting comfort and maximum sound transmission is never a problem for those using the device.

Longer tubing life 

High-quality stethoscopes are supposed to have a special type of tubing providing superior resistance to skin oils and alcohol. They should also not pick up stains very easily. This is how longer tubing life is ensured. Plus, no use of natural rubber latex should be ensured as it might cause allergy to some professionals when they use the device.

Amazing sound quality

Needless to say, littmann instruments have precision chestpieces that are made to deliver amazing sound quality. They are designed in a way to not allow impacts, scratches etc. to ruin the machine that easily.

Light weight

You can check littmann stethoscope price in India or match specs of different units by going online. But one thing you will find with all units is light weight and strength. And that too, with no compromise with sound quality ever by the brand.

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